No Money, More Problems: Voices on Education

This story bank presents a series of personal stories from youth and community members about the daily struggles they face due to lack of funding, lack of accountability, and inequities in even distribution in our education finance system.


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Richmond High School students say no to flexibility. Please urge the California State Board to REQUIRE school districts to be held accountable for the money they are spending on students who need it the most: Low-income, English Language Learners and Foster Youth. 



David Andrews and Willie Williams (sophmore, Fremont High School, Oakland CA), two students getting active in support of Local Control Funding Formula. Despite the statistics that declare the potential failure of our youth, as you can see, there are folks getting out and getting active to reverse the popular notion that youth are not willing to fight for change. Click on this link for more photos.


Castlemont March 19th Action


In solidarity with students at Richmond High School, Skyline High School and Castlemont High School,  Fremont high school students wore orange jumpsuits to symbolize the disporportionate spending in education and incarceration. Take a look at the photos and see for yourself why O.U.S.D. students are demaning that LCFF be passed. #LCFF


Richmond High School Youth Together Students in support of the LCFF!

The students dressed in prison jumpsuits March 19th, 2013 to bring attention to the fact that the state of California invests more in prisons than public education.

We need more money for Schools NOT Prisons!

Education NOT Incarceration!!

Pass the LCFF!!


Students from Skyline High School voice their opinions about their school’s lack of funding and how it impacts their ability to learn. All the more reason to pass the Local Control Funding Formula. More money for districts with a high concentration of ELL students, foster youth and students who qualify for free and/or reduced lunch. #LCFF


Oakland Unified School District spends an average of $7,000 per student. Guess how much the state spends on incarceration? pass #LCFF


Education Deficit Disorder: California prioritizes spending in prisons NOT K-12 Education!
#BreakTheCycle #EDD #LCFF #Justice4Youth #$$forSchools



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